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Best Travel Places for 2020

Whether you are looking for a one-stop getaway or multiple stops, in this article, we’ve got you covered with some destinations that will inspire your adventure and exploration.


Grand Canyon National Park is a national wonder you should consider visiting because of its spectacular peaks, plateaus, and rivers. The park’s breathtaking views have also covered those who love hiking along traits or taking scenic views and its natural splendor.


Salzburg festival makes Austria a must-visit destination because of its classical music, opera, and dramas from world-renowned acts in the city known as Mozart’s birthplace. With all those taking place, there will be much to explore, see and attend in this Austrian city of tradition and culture.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai was once a future metropolis. This sprawling desert city boasts luxury malls, hotels, and even the tallest building in the world. Also, in 2020, Dubai held its first World Expo, whereby 190 countries showcased their latest sustainability and transport developments.


Despite Mexico City experiencing a renaissance due to its diverse culinary scenes, thriving arts movements, and a contemporary cultured edge, it retains much of its colonial architecture and storied history. 


Rabat, a well-known pirate harbor, is the fascinating capital city of Morocco. Here, you can sit and drink the famous mint tea the Moroccan use as an excuse to relax and socialize. Herbs and spices are used abundantly in the local cuisines. Also, the city holds a robust administrative center of the country and solid economic pressure in the services sector.

Many other places can inspire your vacations and offer invaluable life experiences. Therefore, you can embark on your adventure safely and confidently with a little more research.

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