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How to Pack Jewelry for Air Travel

Jewelry offers an irresistible touch of style and class that some people cannot do without. Even if you do not wear jewelry regularly, you may still want to pack a few necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings to accessorize while on vacation. The following tips can help you to ensure that your jewelry is safely packed for air travel. 

Pack Valuable Jewelry in a Jewelry Roll 

Jewelry rolls are the best for keeping those expensive pieces that you would feel devastated to lose. It is designed with separate compartments for different kinds of jewelry. Besides, the roll also has a compact design for easy portability. 

Use a Pill Case to Keep Small Pieces Organized 

Small pieces of jewelry like earrings and rings should be packed in a pill case to keep them in proper order. For earrings, you should hook them through foam or buttons. 

Consider Using Straws or Cardboard Rolls for Necklaces 

Some people usually just cramp their necklaces and throw them inside the clothes. But, that will only damage them. Simply thread the necklaces through drinking straws or cardboard rolls then secure the clasps. For extra protection, wrap them in packing paper or tissue paper. 

Get a Bead Organizer or Tackle Box 

If you plan to travel with many different pieces of jewelry, a bead organizer or tackle box can save you a lot of space and time when packing. They can hold multiple pieces and, also come with customizable compartments for various types of jewelry. 

Keep the Pieces Separate and Secure 

The movements on the flight can cause abrasions and damage. Thus, you should tightly wrap the pieces using a re-sealable kitchen wrap to keep them in position throughout the journey. The small packages of different kinds of jewelry should be individually wrapped then, placed in a jewelry box. 

Despite the particular types of jewelry that you wish to travel with, packing the pieces in different locations is recommended for safety. Besides, you should also consider carrying the expensive jewelry with you; in case the luggage gets lost on the flight. 

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