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How to Cope with Seasonal Allergies when Traveling

With the changing seasons, people face uncomfortable seasonal allergies. Some of the triggers for these allergies include dust, mold, pollen, and plants. Essentially, the air is full of particles that can worsen allergy symptoms. Such disruptive symptoms can consist of inflamed sinuses, sneezing, and sore throat. Unfortunately, these symptoms can ruin your trip or vacation. Here’s how you can cope with seasonal allergies when traveling.

Take Your Time to Prepare

Take your time to consider when the world will have a higher amount of pollen in the air. Essentially, schedule your trip when the world has the lowest pollen count. That way, you can reduce your allergy symptoms during the trip. But if you can’t schedule the trip during this window, get appropriate medication.

Alternatively, choose a travel destination that may not have a high pollen level. For instance, you can go to your favorite beach, sea, or try skiing in spring. These options might be safer for people with severe seasonal allergies.

Carry Medicines

When traveling overseas, you may not access a doctor or a pharmacy. That means you have to stock up or carry adequate allergy medicines. Depending on your destination, these drugs could be unavailable.

Therefore, pack inhalers, antihistamines, and other necessary medications. Pack these medicines in the carry-on bag to avoid losing them if somebody steals your luggage. To ensure that authorities don’t confiscate your drugs, get a note from your doctor beforehand. That way, you can go through security checks with your medication.

Carry a Nasal Mist

Perhaps, you will travel in an enclosed space like an airplane cabin with other strangers. That means you won’t have sufficient air supply, and this could worsen your allergy issues. Also, airplane air is dehydrated.

Carrying a nasal mist will enable you to keep your nasal passages moist. The lavender essential oil, a natural antihistamine, can help in opening up the sinuses. Also, ingest liquids constantly, especially if suffering from a sore throat.

Follow these tips to cope with seasonal allergies when traveling. Once you arrive at your destination, take care of yourself the way you would back at home.

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